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Thanks a lot for this lead to Intergalactic Ape-Man.

Now if this isn’t the godfather of all mediatoilets! Gosh, how impressed have we been of all the shouting and yelling when we were kids. Stanley Kubrick hit a nail on its head with his anti-war movie Full Metal Jacket. The most memorable scenes back then have been from the training sequences. Just look at that crapper hall. How uncomfortable must it be to take a dump if you want to become a marine?


Thanks a lot for this lead to Intergalactic Ape-Man.

Almost everbody knows The Big Bang Theory, I guess. Especially amongst internet users. Now you do also know then that digestion is strongly in focus on the show. Main character Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) for example is obsessed with control over his bladder and his bowel movement. As funny the punchlines are, rarely though do we catch a glimpse of the locus delicti.

What Ape-Man pointed out was that we actually get to see the shared bathroom of Sheldon and his roommate Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) in the pilot. I’m really unsure if we ever gain a more detailed insight into that sacred place at all. So if you have any idea where to pick up more toilet and bathroom shots from The Big Bang Theory, drop me a line. I know at least Penny (Kaley Cuoco) has an accident in her own shower later. (And I realize that her surname still wasn’t revealed altough we even know her father.)

But back to what you are after on Mediatoilets. The toilet! It is not in use during the scene but the mentioned fact that the intimate act is never portrait on The Big Bang Theory should be impulse enough to celebrate what we get our dirty hands on. This scene starts when new neighbor Penny asks Leonard if she could shower at their place. Because the bath mixer is a little wayward Leonard has to assist Penny who in return chafes everybody sporting a towel only.

Tales from the Crapper: A Leak of Wizzdom

Posted: September 9, 2013 in News

Dear fellow movie buffs, I bet you’ve been thinking about this earlier. Why don’t they ever take a dump? Is their bladder made of steel? Is there even a toilet installed on the Enterprise? Folks, you’ve got a point here. So what Mediatoilets is going to be about is a scientific survey on conveniences in tv shows and feature films. I’m going to get down to remarkable bathroom architecture, flashy lavatories and precedented of course actors caught red-handed.

You can be a part of it!
I’m running this blog just for the fun of it and there’s tons of movies out there. It would last forever to discover any mediatoilet all by myself. But together we might get close to completion. Any hint where to find a mediatoilet is appreciated. Any screen shot even more. If you think to have useful information please contact via: filmseite [ at ] gmail [dot] com

Spread the news!
Of course Mediatoilets is at the very beginning, so I’m gathering spotted objects right now and decide later if support sites in social media are needed. Still I’m happy if you tell your friends about this project or put a link somewhere. The more people know about Mediatoilets the more can contribute their findings. You’re running an interesting movie blog or website yourself? Write a comment and pass me your address. I’m constantly sponging information and if I do like what you’re doing there’s a good chance I’m putting you on a link roll.

Source of inspiration
I will not finish this post without thanking Oliver Noeding for his inspiration. Please visit his blog Marquees in Movies to find out more about movie theaters and their marquees spotted in actual movies.

Well, so let’s see how well Mediatoilets is going to shape up. Besides the earnest research it’s intended to entertain, so hopefully, you’re going to enjoy it. I’m awsom50 and this is my blog.