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Tales from the Crapper: A Leak of Wizzdom

Posted: September 9, 2013 in News

Dear fellow movie buffs, I bet you’ve been thinking about this earlier. Why don’t they ever take a dump? Is their bladder made of steel? Is there even a toilet installed on the Enterprise? Folks, you’ve got a point here. So what Mediatoilets is going to be about is a scientific survey on conveniences in tv shows and feature films. I’m going to get down to remarkable bathroom architecture, flashy lavatories and precedented of course actors caught red-handed.

You can be a part of it!
I’m running this blog just for the fun of it and there’s tons of movies out there. It would last forever to discover any mediatoilet all by myself. But together we might get close to completion. Any hint where to find a mediatoilet is appreciated. Any screen shot even more. If you think to have useful information please contact via: filmseite [ at ] gmail [dot] com

Spread the news!
Of course Mediatoilets is at the very beginning, so I’m gathering spotted objects right now and decide later if support sites in social media are needed. Still I’m happy if you tell your friends about this project or put a link somewhere. The more people know about Mediatoilets the more can contribute their findings. You’re running an interesting movie blog or website yourself? Write a comment and pass me your address. I’m constantly sponging information and if I do like what you’re doing there’s a good chance I’m putting you on a link roll.

Source of inspiration
I will not finish this post without thanking Oliver Noeding for his inspiration. Please visit his blog Marquees in Movies to find out more about movie theaters and their marquees spotted in actual movies.

Well, so let’s see how well Mediatoilets is going to shape up. Besides the earnest research it’s intended to entertain, so hopefully, you’re going to enjoy it. I’m awsom50 and this is my blog.