The Bath in “Birth”

Posted: December 14, 2016 in Feature Films, Spotted Toilets
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Now, can a beloved husband be reborn? And can your favourite toilet blog?  This train of thought is probably why I’ve chosen this bathroom still from the mysterious drama Birth as a sign of life.

As portentous it might be for a wife to meet her husband’s reincarnated soul in a child, it might also be odd for a project like this to recover after beeing deserted for over two years. This can’t be the big bang of crappers in cinema history, when this particular bowl isn’t filled well.

Why, as forlorn this picture may seem on a first look, it is also a symbol of faith. I can’t actually say if hardware will fail again, leading to a loss of a couple of mediatoilet snapshots, as it happened before I got my mind focussed on other things. But I can say I believe in this project and I’m sure as long as I keep adding to it, one day it will be a decent tribute to all those ceramic appearences on cinema screens.



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