Godzilla and Gorilla in “Hollywood Boulevard”

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Feature Films, Spotted Toilets
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A crazy flick like this wouldn’t be complete without a toilet. So our beloved Joe Dante and Allan Arkush put one in their very first movie produced by Roger Corman. I don’t have to tell you much about this masterpiece because you either know it, and you should, or you can read my review at my other blog Awsomazing Slackery.

This toilet’s guests are surely as amazing as Hollywood Bouleward itself is as a movie. Just have a look at Godzilla(!) exposing some intellectual skills for the first time in movie history.

Godzilla spots a toilet
© New Concorde

And there’s even more, an ape man, having a rest on that very same toilet, accompanied by a bunch of his alien friends.

An Ape Man is having a rest on that very toilet
© New Concorde

And of course an astonishing tale such as this has something to spot for everybody. You might want to check out our friends at Marquees in Movies for their find.

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